Learn Work Develop (LWD) is a Rwandan local public interest nongovernmental organization created by the “VESEs” (Volunteers for Effective work and Sustainable Employment) on 5th November 2013, in purpose of contributing to the promotion of the effective work and sustainable employment among the young girls and boys on one hand. On the other hand, LWD fights against the barriers to the effective work in terms of ignorance, early marriage, teenage pregnancies, climate change, HIV/AIDS and other diseases.
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What We Do


Engaging and supporting the youths to learn the TVETs (Technical and Vocational Education and Trainings)

Capacity Building

Promoting the culture of creativity and innovation in their activities


To study how the non-employed youth may create new jobs and the way the already jobs created may be sustainable


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Engaging the volunteers and mobilizing the resources to support LWD’s programs


To ensure the systematic monitoring, evaluation and learning of the organization’s implementation


Cycling service shops

One way is the Social Enterprise whereby LWD runs some business activities.

LWD Community Centers

The second approach is about “LWD Community Interventions” implemented under “LWD Community Centers”


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LWD RWANDA (Learn Work Develop)
4 days ago

Murakoze cyane @muhaziyacu ntituzacika intege ku buvugizi bw’aba bana cyane cyane abo babyara. Dufatanye bibere isomo #urubyiruko turwanye twese inda ziterwa abangavu n’ingaruka zazo ku muryango nyarwanda @RwandaGender @GenderMonitorRw @ECD_Rwanda @Rwandapolice @RwamaganaDistr

LWD RWANDA (Learn Work Develop)
5 days ago

Among the beneficiaries visited 2day, one #teenmother who got a twin teenage pregnancy delivered a fake twins of a boy and a girl. This is quite a particular situation of the teenage pregnancies and needs special interventions @RwandaGender @GenderMonitorRw @ECD_Rwanda @unicefrw

LWD RWANDA (Learn Work Develop)
5 days ago

The visit has been jointly done with @RwamaganaDistr Representatives (JADF PS and Gender Officer) and the families of 3 #youngmothers have been visited in Nkungu Cell, @MunyagaD Karambi Cell, @SectorRubona and Bicumbi Cell of @MwulireR Both families and girls have appreciated https://t.co/D8HOdRoycP

LWD RWANDA (Learn Work Develop)
5 days ago

Visit today to 3 #youngmothers that @LwdWork helped to return to school after their teen pregnancy in @RwamaganaDistr through #MASENGEMBAHAFI PROGRAM supported by @bikesftworld in that District. We’ve gone with helpful items and have talked with fam mmbers to take care of them https://t.co/KtNm08KESt

LWD RWANDA (Learn Work Develop)
6 days ago

Have you missed it? don’t miss it again rebroadcast today at 11am on Tv 10 https://t.co/rbH3GVciuh

LWD RWANDA (Learn Work Develop)
6 days ago

Ku bacikanywe n’iyi nkuru irongera guca kuri TV10 ku manywa yo ku wa kabiri 24/08/2021 saa tanu. Murakoze

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