What you should know about Learn Work Develop (LWD)

Kayonza District of Eastern Province, Rwanda

Learn Work Develop (LWD) is a nonprofit established in 2013 by a of group of grassroots activists in Rwanda, the Volunteers for Effective Work and Sustainable Employment (VESE), who wanted to contribute to national programs around youth employment and productivity, by focusing mostly on education, life skills development and job creation for youth, in particular for young girls and women.

LWD works to unleash the creative and productive potential of youth by running educational and vocational training programs, and connecting them to job opportunities for youth. The educational part of the program helps youth increase their knowledge and capacity to address real world issues and challenges by focusing on skill areas including advocacy, human and civil rights, and women’s rights.

LWD’s vocational education component trains youth in tailoring and hairdressing. LWD is affiliated with a community-based  vocational school and a tailoring cooperative where a percentage of LWD’s program graduates get a chance to put their skills into practice.

Childhood pregnancy and early marriage among girls have been on the increase in the Rwanda’s Eastern Province in recent years. This puts adolescent girls at high risk of dropping out of school, contracting many potential diseases,  and more. That is why focusing on teenage girls is at the heart of all of LWD’s programs.

With the help of Bikes Not Bombs, LWD aims to reduce early marriage and teenage pregnancy in the Kayonza district. LWD is planning to establish a social enterprise bike shop that will double as a vocational training center for youth. LWD believes that bikes will help women break gender stereotypes and will mobilize them to raise awareness, advocate, and move towards financial independence.

We are looking forward to seeing how our reclaimed used bikes can make a difference in the lives of girls and other youth, in Rwanda’s Kayonza district!

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